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Use our interactive educational tools to discover more about ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV).


Balancing different clinical priorities is a major challenge in the management of ANCA-associated vasculitis: keep inflammation under control, achieve and sustain remission, prevent long-term organ damage, all while navigating treatment options that in their own way may place a heavy burden on patients.1-3

We think it’s important to have a chance to learn, while also relaxing! AAV World is a brand-new educational game that sheds light on the clinical priorities in AAV in a fun and interactive way, through a mix of skills challenges, brainteasers, riddles and quizzes.

Your objective: protect AAV World from damage

Start by viewing the AAV World landscape and decide which of the four zones is your most urgent priority:

  • Vasculitis Volcano represents vasculitis activity

  • Burden Forest represents the burden that comes with the disease and treatment

  • Patient Metropolis represents the patients experience and their quality of life

  • Kidney Island represents organ damage

Complete interactive challenges, brainteasers, riddles and quizzes. Each time you win, you’ll be improving the health of AAV World.

Are you up to the challenge? Protect AAV World today!

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Interactive tools

Interactive tools


Join the Rare Disease Investigation Team to help think what may be causing an unusual, but highly dangerous situation.

You’ll need to examine the evidence – reading case files on the impact of AAV, impact of treatment and delay to diagnosis, as well as watching highly classified CCTV footage.

Can you identify the prime suspects before the time runs out?

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Interactive tools